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WMSD NOTES FROM OUR LISTENERS - The following excerpts are just a few of the letters and notes received from our listeners. Perhaps you could be among those that have encouraged us with a few words. Why not write us a note as we would certainly love to hear from you. As a matter-of-fact you can send an email to WMSD right now if you'd like.

January, 2006

Dear Friends, I enjoy listening to your programs. God bless you - I am a woman of 88 years and praising the Lord.
--Lupton, MI


I do so appreciate each volunteer giving of their time and talent to make your radio station broadcasting possible in our area and the encouragement and even for the reproof of the Lord allowed through His spoken word over the airways to those with open hearts...I am praying for the volunteers and programs being used of the Lord to touch each listener as well as well as the doer. A sister in the Lord.
--Whittemore, MI


Please pray for my son and his girlfriend for salvation. Thank you I really enjoy your radio programs. Love in Christ.
--Lupton, MI


...I have had our radio tuned to your station every night and have really enjoyed the wonderful hymns and songs along with the sound Bible teaching. So many of our radio stations along with our church and others have drifted off to what I consider to be very questionable music...God's blessings.
--West Branch, MI


(Miss Sarah) I greatly appreciate your program. I listen to it as I travel with my son. We like the music and stories. My son had an injury to his head as a teen and is in a wheel chair but is doing well. We both love the Lord. Keep up the good work.
--Hale, MI


Thank you for your radio station. It is a blessing. It helps me at night when I cannot sleep. I hope and pray all is well with you and the radio station.


I am so glad that I can get your station as it means a lot to me. I have been telling my friends about the station. My prayer is that you will get many listeners as they are missing many blessings by not tuning in to your station. Here is a love gift for the work there in Lupton. Sincerely in Christ.
--Tawas City, MI.


(Pastor Heaton) I thoroughly enjoy the ministry of WMSD. PLEASE don't ever stop. Here is a small donation I wish I could do more.
--Hale, MI.


We really enjoy your station the music is so up lifting - just can't have a bad day when you start out the morning with WMSD! Thank you for being there and passing on the Word - What a comfort: God bless.
--Lupton, MI


Greetings!! In the name of the Jesus. We really do appreciate your Real Christian (not modern) Music and programming. Keep up the good work.
--Roscommon, MI


My daughter helped me find your station. Praise the Lord, your music is the old time music and words. It is helping me get hold of the loss of my wife of 65 years.
--Rose City, MI


Thank you preacher, Marie, Bob and all who faithfully fill the air waves with uplifting thoughts. Most days one can be aware of the presence of God; as Dale Tilley reminds us, "think about God."
--South Branch, MI


Praise God and thank you for the balance in programming on WMSD before and on Christmas Day. The 42 hours was inspiring; the children a blessing and I pray that many lives were touched with and love.
--Rose City, MI




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