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WMSD was an answer to the prayers of the people of Bible Baptist Church. We began praying around 1995 that God might grant us the privilege of a license in this area. We began applying and after three attempts we were finally granted that opportunity only to watch it be blocked (Mutually Excluded as the FCC calls it or MX) by another “Christian” radio organization. After a year of our refusing to move, God moved in their heart and they bowed out and within twenty-four hours we were in the running to receiving a construction permit.

While we were praying we were also saving money and purchasing items we knew we might need. God was very gracious to us as many folks, even those not member or attendees of our church began giving. Within that 5 year period we had saved over $35,000.

Once the construction permit was in our hands, we went to work and with about three months and lots and lots of hours and hard work from many of the folks in our church we were ready. WMSD went on the air on August 11, 2000 at around 5:30 PM . There were some adjustments to the transmitter for a few days following, but praise God things only improved. Much credit goes to Bro. David Robinson of FBN (the network we downloaded by satellite until March of 2005), Bro. Dan Karbginsky, our resident engineer and Chief Operator and also the invaluable assistance of Bro. Kevin Hawley who at that time was station engineer to several radio stations in the Bay City/Saginaw area.

In the fall of 2004, we felt led to provide our own programming and music. So we purchased an automation system, began to copy music, seek programs, etc. A task that we thought would be fairly simple was much larger than we expected, but God gave us wisdom and a good friend, Bro. Kevin Weber from Mexico, MO (Station KJAB). Bro. Kevin came over in the fall of 2004 and spent a week showing us how our automation system worked and guiding us in various other ways.

On March 13, 2005, we switched from FBN to local programming here in Lupton. Again there are folks to thank here: Bro. Dan Karbginsky for all the wiring, setting up computers, hooking up CD players, mini disks, etc; Bro. Tony Madaj (Mah–die) for his knowledge of computers and figuring out the automation programming and making things work. His dear wife (Heather) who takes care of the office and for many who have volunteered their time in the office answering phones, recording materials, answering mail, etc.

Sometime within the next few months we went on the internet with WMSD. I could go on but enough space has been taken. God bless you and thanks for listening and being a blessing to all here at WMSD and Bible Baptist Church.


Because people have often inquired, "What does it cost you to operate?" I'm going to give you just a brief idea of what it costs US to operate.

Many stations do not operate this way, but God has lead us to do so. ALL of our staff volunteer their time, there is NO payroll! We try to save money when we purchase things (CD's, equipment, etc.) so we don't have to pay top dollar. But there are certain expenses that we cannot avoid (electricity, licensing fees, - music industry - transmitter upkeep, etc.) Right now, it costs us about $1,100 a month just to meet our obligations. This does not include repairs, replacement items, office supplies, and so forth.

We know that God will take care of us and so we do not "threaten" people with, "If we don't have enough money, we'll have to close down" speeches. However, the truth is that God uses His people to maintain His work so we must ALL do our part.

Thanks for doing your part and pray for us daily.


You can hear great programming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

We are a non-commercial, educational station which solely depends upon the Lord and His people to keep us on the air. We operate with 5kw of power from a 190 foot tower. View our contact information for more.



The personnel who serve at WMSD do so on a volunteer basis and we praise God for those who volunteer their time in this faith ministry.

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